The Gem Seekers

The Gem Seekers
Home page The gem seekers' names are
Leopoldine Arco-Valley and Regina Schneider.
Both of Munich,
one of them a hotel MBA, the other one an architect.
They descend from big families
and in addition to their jobs have brought up their children
and taken care of their parents in their old age.

From their own experience
they know how to handle the emotional, physical and time-related challenges
that may result from every day's needs and problems of any generation.

Thus they share with many other women
the qualities you can't acquire otherwise
and which are irreplaceable for a sound family life:
Life-experience, understanding, warmheartedness, energy.

They now want to gladly offer these capabilities to you,
who is looking for an experienced, reliable and ambitious attendant for
your children or elderly family members.